United World Wrestling (UWW) is the international governing body for the sport of wrestling. They needed a digital product, and wanted it to be the best accessory for Wrestlers and for the sport of Wrestling.
UWW wanted to build an app for fans, wrestlers, federations, and organizations in the wrestling world. They aimed to unite the community through an app enabling users to watch live and past matches, receive updates on the latest news and content, learn more about their favorite athletes, view rankings, and discover present, past, and future tournaments. The goal was to add value and boost fan engagement in the world of wrestling. After developing the app with great success, UWW tasked us with redesigning the entire web structure, experience, and design to align with the app and optimize the user experience.

Following the existing brand values, we created an accessible app for all user needs following a detailed and precise creative brief. Alongside the UWW team, we made a selection of key features in accordance to user personas, and developed an information architecture for the application. We took existing branding, and seamlessly transitioned it into concepts for a digital format. 
The outcome is an app that fulfilled all of UWW's requests and more. Users can now follow their favorite athletes and tournaments in real-time throughout the season, access real-time match center data, receive the latest wrestling news promptly, get regular updates on tournaments, and check athletes' rankings and live scores. Additionally, we created a user-centric website where not only UWW fans can engage, but also institutional users such as referees and coaches can check regulations, rules, governmental letters, and more. We are delighted with the results, and so is UWW.

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