Onima is an innovation laboratory using leftover brewers yeast to create superfood ingredients that will change the way we produce. We worked with this incredible team across brand strategy, naming, visual identity, logo design, website design and video production. Working with a team that looks at the world in such an open and exciting new way changed the way we approached design for them, with a flexible, scalable logo, and a visual identity that inspires.
WSL's sustainable sub brand, We Are One Ocean, had recently rebranded as WSL One Ocean. They sought our assistance in launching a campaign that would effectively communicate their mission to protect the future of surfing through ocean conservation, while actively engaging their community.
After immersing ourselves in their brand and getting to grips with the science, we created a brand strategy based on the concept of transformation, centred around a tagline; ‘From Waste to Wonder’. This sparked a visual identity consisting of a flexible, adaptable logo, patterns and shapes that moved in a gradient effect to provoke the concept of ‘wonder’, and a colour palette that could be manipulated and stretched to accommodate for a growing sub-brand architecture. Additionally, we re-named the brand ‘Onima’ after feedback that the previous name didn’t feel sophisticated or delicious enough. Onima is ‘amino’ spelt backwards, nodding to the complex science that is the foundation of the brand, and the idea of transformation which underpinned our entire creative process.
Once the brand identity had been formed, we set about applying it to brand assets such as print materials and decks, as well as a full website. To launch the brand into the world, we created a brand video based off the brand strategy and manifesto. Motion felt like the perfect way to launch a brand that is so dynamic and innovative in nature. We are incredibly proud of this collaboration, which is a true expression of a full brand project from strategy through to execution, and are super grateful to Juan and the whole Onima team for their enthusiasm and partnership from start to finish.
Lead: Vicky Rojo
Brand Design: Montserrat Llerena, Georgia Watt, Danny Crossley
Video Editor: Montserrat Llerena
“Great work, good organization, structure, clarity of next steps and fluid communication. + friendly and nice people :)'”
Juan Londoño Leon, Co-founder & COO

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